Teaching Assistant ${~\cdotp~}$ Stock Market ${~\cdotp~}$ Spring 2020 ${~\cdotp~}$ Score: 6.8/7.0

"Always available to help and has a very quick response time to emails. Explains all concepts in real detail and breaks them down so they are easier to understand! EXCEPTIONAL work this quarter you're a hell of a TA."
"Varlam is a super helpful TA with great and speedy response time. I've had to email him about problems I didn't understand, and he helped me a ton! I was able to understand the problems through his explanations and examples. All his walk-throughs on the homework problems were extremely helpful and by far, I think I was lucky to have him as my TA!"
"Effective in explaining the relevancy of each concept, also effective in elaborating their purposes. Pacing is great, considering video presentation."
"Econ TA's are always horrible. This is the first econ TA I've ever had who's good. Thank you for all the help!"
"One of the best TA's I had. Explained step by step how to solve a problem & explained it in a way that broke down the financial jargon in ways I could actually understand & also made sure to explain why it was important. Overall, despite everything being remote, very effective teaching skills!"
"I really liked how you broke everything down."
"His teachings made it easier to understand the lectures and topics. He was clear on his explanations. Despite everything being converted to online, he effectively still taught the class."
"Varlam was such a great TA. The way he is always willing to help his students made it easier for us to ask questions. He made this class so much better to understand. I loved this course and he is the part of the reason why."
Teaching Assistant ${~\cdotp~}$ Statistics ${~\cdotp~}$ Winter 2020 ${~\cdotp~}$ Score: 6.77/7.0

"Fair grader and super approachable person."
"Great TA. Was very helpful with any questions I had and was also very helpful with the additional study session."
"Overall you did a great job as a TA for this class. I felt a lot more confident going into both midterms after you went over example problems with the class and showed us how to apply the formulas we were taught in lecture. Thank you for taking the time to make sure that we all understood the material and providing help when needed."
"Very approachable and friendly. Review sections were very helpful. Went above and beyond to try to help any students who didn't understand the material."
"Overall great guy and great TA. Always sets us up for success and goes over quizzes, practice problems, and exams. Teaching method is very effective and that's why the exam scores curves are high. Also very funny and makes class enjoyable."
"Hey Varlam, I feel like your class definitely taught me parts of 101 I wouldn't have understood. The class was definitely engaging, I liked how the environment of the class was chill. I like how you actively forced students to participate. haha. I appreciated how you gave me insight on your personal life, which is more important to me than learning basic economic statistics. At the end of the day, both you and me are growing to reach our best potential, and I wish you nothing but the best. Good luck on your PHD, Best Regards."
"Always available and taught what was needed. Definitely enjoyed him as a TA and learned a lot through section."